Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Awesome Supper on a Frigid Night

Okay.  I'll admit that sometimes I use this blog to help me remember different things that I've done with the woodburning cookstove, and I definitely want to remember tonight's supper.  It was AWESOME!  So awesome that I once again neglected to get pictures, confound it anyway.

At about 2:00 this afternoon, I put a small pork loin in our little blue enamel roaster in order to make Boiled Cider Glazed Pork Loin.  Only it is so very cold today that I just couldn't bear to close the oven door, so I decided to cook the pork loin using this method for slow cooking, putting the roaster directly on the oven floor in the back left corner with the oven door left open.

When I got home from speech practice (yes, I'm coaching again even though I'm no longer teaching full time) and finished chores, I roasted some small homegrown red potatoes--in the electric oven in the basement to try to get some heat down there to prevent frozen water pipes--and made candied carrots on the cookstove top.

The pork loin was the most tender one I've ever cooked, was quite succulent, and was great in combination with the potatoes and carrots.  So now I sit blogging in the warm glow of the antique Rayo oil lamp with a full and satisfied belly, listening to the wind howl outside and shivering at the knowledge that at the last examination of the outdoor thermometer the red line had shrunk down to -12ºF.

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Link to a Great Wood Cookstove Article

This morning, blog reader Gigi reminded me of one of the reasons I enjoy maintaining this blog: my loyal readers who feel like friends.

Gigi sent me a link to an article which appeared this week on the CBC news because she knew I would enjoy it, and she was exactly right.  The article is about Marie Morrissey, a Prince Edward Island resident, who is still cooking on the woodburning range that her husband purchased in the early 1950s.  Her family purchased a new electric stove for her, but she is not at all interested in using it--instead confirming everything I have ever said in this blog about the joys of cooking on a woodburning range.

Take a look at the link below.  It is a quick read with some great pictures of her Enterprise, which reminds me of our Qualified.

A big thanks to Gigi for sharing this great confirmation that we wood cookstove lovers are not alone!