Monday, March 4, 2019

Link to a Video of a Different Toasting Method in a Wood Cookstove

Back in 2011 when we first ordered our Margin Gem cookstove, I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for information about new wood cookstoves.  In doing so, I ran across a video from Ron and Lea Winans (their Youtube channel is called Family Heritage Living) who already had a Margin Gem installed in their kitchen.  When I started this blog in 2011, I contacted them, and Lea was one of the first people to leave comments. In fact, she commented on my second post ever, which was about baking white bread in a wood cookstove.

In the last eight years, my life has remained pretty much the same. However, the Winans' lives have undergone drastic changes as they have moved to an off-grid cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now pursue a nineteenth century homesteading lifestyle with some modern technology mixed in.  They moved their Margin Gem cookstove with them, and it is still their sole means of cooking.

I have never met any of the Winans personally, but after watching many of their videos and reading large chunks of their blogs, I feel like we are neighbors who live a long way apart.  They are also fellow Christians, and I appreciate their transparency as they seek to honor the Lord in their lives.

This last week, I was excited to see a new Youtube post from Family Heritage Living about how they make breakfast sandwiches on their Margin Gem Cookstove.  We do that too, but we cheat and use our electric toaster to toast whatever we use for our bread.  Lea, on the other hand, has five hungry guys to feed at once, so a pitiful little electric toaster wouldn't do her any good even if she had enough electricity to power it.  I wrote a post about using a woodburning cookstove to make toast in five different ways back in December of 2014, and you can read it here. However, Lea uses an entirely different method, and you can watch her video at the link below.

If you scroll through the comments, you will see where I asked Lea to clarify questions about temperature and rack placement.  These details are important to achieving results as good as hers.

The Winans have posted several videos about how to accomplish different cooking tasks with a Margin Gem cookstove on their Youtube channel, so if you have a snowy evening when you can spend some time watching, there is a lot to be learned from them.  I also enjoy their videos that aren't about cooking on a wood cookstove.