Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Beginning of the Season

Gave Marjorie the Margin Gem a partial bath tonight.  Turned off the electric hot water heater (hopefully it will remain off until May), and cooked steak and potatoes on the woodburning cookstove.

The kettle on the rear half of the firebox is from Nancy's
grandma.  She explained to me that it was so black on the
outside because she used to remove the lids over the fire
on her Montgomery Ward cookstove and place it directly
over the flames.  The grill pan in the front was a Christmas
gift from Nancy last year.

We've used the Margin Gem occasionally over the summer, but with a cool forecast for the foreseeable future, the daily firing season has begun.  I've got seven other posts started; now if I can just find the time to complete them!