Thursday, January 1, 2015

Marjorie Sings!

Basically, I cooked all day yesterday, and I had a great time.  In the afternoon, I began noticing that I was hearing strange tones in the Christmas music that I had playing.  I thought at first it was the potpourri pot or the teakettle, but neither of those were making the whistling noise that I could hear.  I finally discovered that the sound was coming from Marjorie the Margin Gem's air jet re-burn draft on the left side of the stove.

We had a stiff southerly wind yesterday (which was very cold with a high of only 19 degrees) that was causing a fantastic draft in the kitchen chimney, and apparently everything was just right for Marjorie to start singing.  It was a pretty steady G4 and fit pretty well with "Deck the Halls" and "What Child Is This?"  I was amused and wanted to document it here.  If you turn up the volume on your computer all the way and advance the video to the :48 mark, you should be able to hear it pretty well (I'll try to figure out how to edit video before I post another one).

At any rate, Happy New Year!


  1. Super cool. Can you post a photo show us what it is that is singing? Air jet re-burn draft? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Done. Please check out my newest post (January 12, 2015). Thanks for asking!

  2. Happy New Year I always enjoy reading your posts