Friday, January 11, 2019

Link to a Great Wood Cookstove Article

This morning, blog reader Gigi reminded me of one of the reasons I enjoy maintaining this blog: my loyal readers who feel like friends.

Gigi sent me a link to an article which appeared this week on the CBC news because she knew I would enjoy it, and she was exactly right.  The article is about Marie Morrissey, a Prince Edward Island resident, who is still cooking on the woodburning range that her husband purchased in the early 1950s.  Her family purchased a new electric stove for her, but she is not at all interested in using it--instead confirming everything I have ever said in this blog about the joys of cooking on a woodburning range.

Take a look at the link below.  It is a quick read with some great pictures of her Enterprise, which reminds me of our Qualified.

A big thanks to Gigi for sharing this great confirmation that we wood cookstove lovers are not alone! 

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  1. What a great article! I love it! And, wow! The top of her stove is so shiny! Wonder what she cleans it with?