Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And We're Off! The 2016-2017 Heating Season Begins

Tonight, after cleaning the chimney, stovepipe, and internal flue chambers, Marjorie cooked my supper and is now heating our hot running water again.  The electric water heater has been turned off for its 7-8 month siesta, and we are back in business!

Last year, the electric water heater was turned off on Sept. 30th, so we're about right on schedule.  Our thermometer has registered temperatures in the 30s for the last three mornings, and I would have liked to have started the stove earlier, but we've had so much rain (nothing like the flooding in northeastern Iowa, though) that all of the wood was very wet around here.  I also hadn't taken the time to cut any wood yet.

Today after school that changed.  And what a banner afternoon it was, too!  The weather was beautiful, the chainsaw started on the first try, and the wood splitter did the same.  I felt like a king.

I have lots to share with all of you, so let's all hope for a schedule that permits a good deal of blogging over the next few months.

Happy autumn, everyone, and may your wood cookstoves be burning brightly soon!


  1. Jim,

    It's a great time of year!

    You're a little ahead of our calendar in the northeast corner of Indiana. The house is cool-ish, but we have yet to see temperatures drop below 40 outside. Our Kitchen Queen is ready to light, but we have not yet done it.

    Our wood supply looks good. We have emerald ash borers, here, so I have a lot of white and green ash. Elm is a staple, and there is the occasional black cherry. All good fuel.

    Thanks for the blog. I wish you the best this season.


  2. Hey Jim,
    So good to have back. Here in coastal South Carolina my first fire is around the end of October, still a ways to go. Just have to enjoy your stove for a while. TP in SC.

  3. Thanks, gentlemen. I'm looking forward to a long heating season!

  4. After having a used wood cookstove sitting, uninstalled, in our dining room for three years and five days (but who's counting?), it is, as of this evening, up and running. At this moment, I am drinking a cup of tea made with water boiled on the stove. It's a damp, cold, fall evening in northern New England, and the house smells and feels wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as I get used to using my new favorite thing. Thanks.

    1. How exciting! I'd love to do a "Readers' Cookstove" post about your stove. Please e-mail me at so that we can exchange information. Best wishes as you embark on this fun adventure!